MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT ®, was conceived by a professional team, focused on the international youth segment , aiming on providing to each of those involved the knowlege to become beauty queens, not only for their physical beauty but also to become ambassadors of the world with their talent and moral values. We can proudly say that Miss Teenager Pageant ® is an outstanding guatemalan brand registered under the 41 screed of beauty events in the intellectual property registry, already having three editions in the past, which will be listed chronologically: FIRST EDITION IN GUATEMALA 2.008, the winner being the representative of Peru Miss Lorelei Dogwood, SECOND EDITION IN EL SALVADOR 2.009, the crown was given to Laura Baez from Dominican Republic, then COSTA RICA for the THIRD EDITION 2.010, giving the crown to Chante Jantjies from South Africa. In our fourth edition of MISS TEENAGER 2.011 PAGEANT ® had 39 delegates from 5 continents, and from "GUATEMALA" HEART OF THE MAYAN WORLD was broadcasted live and directly from the Gran Tikal Futura Hotel convention center, on October 9. Guatemalan TV network, Guatevisión, was in charge  of broadcasting live in HD.

During MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT 2011 ®  fourth edition we took a social and cultural shift, by educating and recreating the importance to preserve our world responsibly. We worked with the Aurora National Zoo, considered one of the five most beautiful parks in Latin America. Being corporate social responsibility an important part of our organization, Intermodel International Group and the international delegates will make their contribution to La Aurora National Zoo, looking forward to guarantee and promote all native and exotic species preservation and conservation, at the same time contributing to the recreation of Guatemalan families.  The development, progress and execution of this event was only possible to the work of the best professionals within the organization, which consists of a journalists team, communicators, advertisers, designers and producers, whose work as a team and  with the coordination of local pofesionals achieving communication products, especially our production company. The winner from the latest pageant in 2011 was 18 years old contestant Isabella Torres, from Portugal, who was a favourite since her arrival in Guatemala.   BMW Eventos, from Wall Barrionuevo, was the agency that send our winner contestant.