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With the clear notion that youth is the future of humanity, "MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT" is the only event that brings together teenage beauty year after year, a group of young charming, with clear goals and dreams ahead, make this a better planet, full of peace, education and social equity, healthy competition and promoting moral values ​​in each of our activities.


In its fourth edition, 2011, The mark "MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT" consolidated their position in the industry of the fascinating world of beauty pageants, as the largest and most important beauty contest for teenagers worldwide, counting this time, with more than 40 representatives of the different countries of the world's continents.


Our earlier editions, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 have been held in the following countries respectively:


First Edition Guatemala, Guatemala City


It marked the beginning of the brand's most important Guatemalan production of beauty contests worldwide are born with great success, and with great potential for continued growth for the quality of the 13 participants who competed in 2008, and still the international headquarters the country of Guatemala, on October 18.


The winner of the contest was the spectacular Peruvian LORELEI CORNEJO, aged 18 and a height of 1.72 meters. , Who quickly gained fame in the world, thanks to the promotion of our production and its parent agency in Peru and its owner Mr. Diego Alcalde.


Second Edition, San Salvador El Salvador


It was held in the sister republic of EL SALVADOR and was attended by 21 delegates, and the event became bigger and more important in the world of teenagers, being the winner of the second edition, the spectacular LAURA BAEZ, 15 years old and 1.75 meters. Height, worthy of comparison with the most beautiful women in the world, for its fine features in a tan color.


In the final on October 17, the convention center SHERATON HOTEL PRESIDENT, led to the meeting of the diplomatic corps in EL SALVADOR, to support their delegates, and so give credit to the formality of the event, which signal transmitted by the channel 12 Salvadoran.


Third Edition, Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica


The third edition of the event was a record output, since we have the participation of 35 delegates from 5 continents of the world, therefore, we are still the beauty pageant largest and most important of adolescents in the world.


Was conducted during the week of 10 to 18 October in COSTA RICA. In this 3rd. Edit the new sovereign was the gorgeous Chante 'imposed Jantjies leaving the beauty of African women




Fourth Edition, Guatemala Guatemala City



The 4th. Miss Teenager 2011 edition included the participation of 39 beautiful teens from the five continents of the world and was held in Guatemala City in the week from 02 to 09 October, celebrated the grand final on site GREAT CONVENTION CENTER Tikal Futura Hotel.


Throughout the event there were different activities of socio-cultural, thereby assessing the features and details of each of the candidates.


Finally crowned representative of the Portuguese teen beauty Isabella Torres Cazon 18 years of age. The final will be broadcast live and direct from the canal Guatevisión Guatemala.

Fifth Edition Guatemala Guatemala City


Guatemala City new account will be transformed back into the house MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT, but 2012 was a significant year for MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT Guatemala and not let the opportunity pass by unnoticed, as promoting the completion of 13 Baktun and the arrival of a new era for our country, the event brings to Guatemala for the first time to participate in the countries of Angola, Italy, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Namibia and the Philippines so you can define this year's competition as Debut Issue of new countries and Welcome to the Family Miss Teenager.


It was attended by about 43 participants from different continents of the world and after an exhaustive week of socio-cultural activities, photographs and recordings took place in the grand final of the Grand Tikal Futura Expocenter Hotel and broadcast live on Stream Live via internet to everyone, then the respective presentations oppening and swimsuit and evening gowns was 18 Yokasta Peña who won with 42 participants and was crowned as the new Miss Teenager 2012, it is noteworthy that this beautiful Caribbean restores the scepter to the Dominican Republic three years after Laura Baez was crowned in 2009.




Sixth. Edit - Miss Teenager Pageant 2013 - Panama City


Currently Miss Teenager Pageant organization is working on all the details that will be protagonists of the 6th. Miss Teenager Pageant Edition, this will take place in a field of activity, social, cultural, fashion, talent, beauty and glamor.


The important simply magnificent city of business and trade, Panama will host the beautiful teenagers from 22 to 28 July 2013, for the final gala on Saturday, July 27, at the Megapolis Convention Center, the Hard Rock Hotel, this activity becomes larger, important and most awaited especially by the Panamanian public, which will have three presentations that consist in an oppening much like the Fashion Show International competition in swimsuit and so end the Evening Gown competition, where only the top 10 will be presented and then give way to the round of questions where only the top 5 is a participant, it followed the coronation of a new successor and representative global beauty teenager.


This July 27, 2013 we will meet the new Miss Teenager 2013, successor to the current Miss Teenager 2012 - Yokasta Peña native Dominican Republic.











The Biggest and Most Spectacular Beauty Pageant For Teenager's From Around the World

The Biggest and Most Spectacular Beauty Pageant For Teenager's From Around the World